Wahyu Sri Sendari

Wahyu Sri Sendari

Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

Room Service Procedure in Hotel (SOP)

Today in this Free Hotel Management Training SOP we will learn the skills and knowledge required to provide Room Service in commercial accommodation establishment like hotel or resorts. As you know when food and beverage items are served to guests in his or her room is Called Room Service. For my members in Membership Club I will provide 5 to 10 Posts on Room Service so that my members can learn everything. But for my regular readers here I would like to share some basic procedure for Hotel Room Service.
1. Take and Process Room Service Orders: The telephone is answered promptly and courteously accordance with enterprise procedures and customer service standards. The customer's name is checked and used in the interaction. Details of orders are clarified, repeated and checked with the guest. Suggestive selling techniques are used. Approximate time for delivery is advised to the customer. Orders are accurately recorded and the information is checked. Door knob dockets are correctly interpreted. Where necessary, orders are promptly transferred to the appropriate location for preparation.
2. Set Up Trays and Trolleys: Food and beverage items are correctly prepared for service periods. General room service equipment is prepared for use. Trays and trolleys are set up in accordance with enterprise standards for a range of meals including: Breakfast Lunch Dinner Complimentaries Special requests Correct and sufficient service equipment is selected and checked for cleanliness, and damage. Trays and trolleys are set up so that they are balanced, safe and attractively presented. All food items and beverages are collected promptly and in the right order. Orders and trays are checked before leaving the kitchen and before entering the room.
3. Present Room Service Meals and Beverages: Rooms are approached and guests greeted in accordance with enterprise service standards. Customers are consulted about where trays or trolleys should be placed in the room and advised of potential hazards. Trays and trolleys are placed safely and conveniently. Furniture is correctly positioned where required. Meals and beverages are correctly served and placed if required by the customer and in accordance with enterprise procedures.
4. Present Room Service Accounts: The customers account is checked for accuracy and presented in accordance with enterprise procedures. Cash payments received are presented to the cashier. Charge accounts are presented to the guests for signing and charged to the account.
5. Clean Room Service Area: Floors are checked and promptly cleared of used room service trolleys and trays. trays and trolleys are returned to the room service area and dismantled / cleaned in accordance with enterprise procedures. Equipment and food and beverage items are re- stocked in accordance with enterprise procedures.

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